Legalize freedom

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Ron Paul, aktuelni kandidat za predsednika SAD iz redova Republikanske stranke kao slogan za svoju predizbornu kampanju izabrao je naslov pesme naše rokerke Aleksandre Slađane Milošević Legalize freedom”. Pesma je u duhu trenutka, aktuelna, slobodarska, angažovana, eksplozivna… i nije nova stara je nekih 12 godina, rimejk pesme Slađana je uradila prošle godine posle čega je spot bio emitovan i na MTV-u.


The rich are taking all they want
They give you freedom they don’t need
You bow down so low you kiss your own butt
You re miserable, so spendable

They trigger your lust to tempt your soul
Blindfold you to blank nothingness
You’re a dabbling machine with a toxic mind
An organic bomb ready to explode

Legalize freedom
Legalize freedom

Watch out man not to tell the truth
Cause the “truth” belongs to them
If this is the right place, then I’m in a wrong world
But I decide who I serve
Do you?

Perpetual war, for perpetual commerce
Filth, greed, hypocrisy, for perpetual slavery

God is free, and so are we
Can’t you see, how easy it can be

Legalize freedom
Legalize freedom

Freedom means to be free
to decide
what freedom means to you…

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