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Ono što sigurno niste znali o omiljenom servisu za deljenje fotosa Flickr, iz intervjua jednog od osnivača Flickr servisa – Stewart Butterfield koji dao magazinu


The original plan had been to create an online game. But they were just about out of money. And then Butterfield had this crazy vision of building a photo-sharing website, and before you knew it Flickr was a cultural phenomenon.

George Oates [a Flickr employee] and I would spend 24 hours, seven days a week, greeting every single person who came to the site. We introduced them to people, we chatted with them. This is a social product. People are putting things they love–photographs of their whole lives–into it. All of these people are your potential evangelists. You need to show those people love.

We did all kinds of dumb, stupid things. But our unofficial slogan was, “F— up fast.” Make mistakes rapidly, learn from them, and move past them.

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