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Nije dugo trebalo mendžmentu Yahoo-a da odgovori na izazov Google-a i njihov web-mail servis. Kao odgovor, tu je povećanje mailbox-a i proširenje mogućnosti. Evo njihovog maila korisnicima:

Dear Yahoo! Mail User,

We’ve made changes to your Yahoo! Mail account — we’ve upgraded your email storage quota to 100MB, at no cost to you. As a loyal Yahoo! Mail user, you’ve been randomly selected to receive this free benefit effective March 31, 2004. You’ll also be able to attach up to 10 files to an outgoing email message (increased from 3); and your outgoing message size can be up to 10MB (increased from 3MB). It’s just our way of saying thanks! You can keep these benefits as long as this Yahoo! Mail account remains active. For your email account to stay active, you must sign in to your Yahoo! Mail account at least once every four months and comply with all applicable Yahoo! Terms of Service and uidelines.
If your email account becomes inactive at any time, you will no longer have the increased storage apacity. If you purchase a Yahoo! premium service in the future that includes additional email storage*, you will be charged the then-current price for that service. After the purchase, your storage quota will be the level that accompanies the purchased service or the level granted to you as part of this offer, whichever is greater. Storage will not be additive. For example, if you purchase a Yahoo! Mail Plus account with 100MB of storage, your total Mail Plus storage quota will be 100MB. You will not receive any refunds or future credits with your service upgrade.
Thanks again for using Yahoo! Mail. If you prefer not to receive this free benefit for any reason, simply reply to this email and let us know.


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