Reinkarnacija HTML-a

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Kako se može videti iz [url=]prošlonedeljnog blog zapisa[/url] oca Interneta [url=]ser Tim Berners Lee[/url]-ja koji je i dalje na čelu [url=]W3C organizacije[/url], uskoro se može očekivati [b]nova inkarnacija HTML standarda[/b].

Već se planira oformljavanje potpuno nove radne grupe koja će se, nakon nekih 6 godina, ponovo baviti [b]nadogradnjom kako HTML-a[/b], tako i XHTML-a:
[quote=[url=]TimBL[/url]]The plan is to charter a [b]completely new HTML group[/b]. Unlike the previous one, this one will be chartered to do incremental improvements to HTML, as also in parallel xHTML. It will have a different chair and staff contact. It will work on HTML and xHTML together. We have strong support for this group, from many people we have talked to, including browser makers.[/quote]

Jedan od osnovnih razloga i motiva pokretanja ove inicijative je [b]neadekvatno prihvatanje XML-a od strane šire zajednice[/b]:
[quote=[url=]TimBL[/url]]The attempt to get the world to [b]switch to XML[/b], including quotes around attribute values and slashes in empty tags and namespaces all at once didn’t work. The large HTML-generating public did not move, largely because the browsers didn’t complain. Some large communities did shift and are enjoying the fruits of well-formed systems, but not all. It is important to maintain HTML incrementally, as well as continuing a transition to well-formed world, and developing more power in that world.[/quote]

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