Kraj WYSIWYG intefejsa?

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Jakob Nilsen u svom novom članku predviđa kraj dizajn-interakcije Macintosh “tipa”. Novu paradigmu korisničkog interfejsa i uopšte interakcije, naziva “rezultatski-orijentisani korisnički interfejs” (results-oriented UI).

Ali, šta je sad “rezultatski-orijentisani korisnički interfejs”? Odgovor stiže iz Microsoft-a, zajedno sa novim Office-om:

“The next version of Microsoft Office (code-named “Office 12”) will be based on a new interaction paradigm called the results-oriented user interface. As the demos show, the most obvious departure from the past is that menus and toolbars are all but wiped out. The focus is now on letting users specify the results they want, rather than focusing on the primitive operations required to reach their goals.”

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