6 Horrible European Cars

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Prema muškom Web portalu [url=http://www.askmen.com]Askmen.com[/url] naš “ponos nacionalne privrede” – Yugo, uvršten je nakon titule [url=http://www.cartalk.com/content/features/Worst-Cars/results5.html]Najgoreg automobila milenijuma[/url] u [url=http://www.askmen.com/cars/car_lists_150/162_car_list.html] listu 6 najgorih evropskih automobila[/url], te možda neopravdano zauzima prvo mesto između Moskviča, Škode, Lade, Zaparošca, Dačije…
[quote=”AskMEn.com”][imgo]http://images.askmen.com/cars/car_lists_150/162b_car_list.jpg[/imgo]The Zastava Koral (aka Yugo) has become the brunt of many jokes. From its lack of speed and power to its nonexistent shocks and unreliable brakes, every inch of this dud has been criticized. The Yugo even holds the honorable title of[b] Worst Car of the Millennium[/b] as voted by listeners of Car Talk.

In the ’80s the Yugo was marketed as a car that would fit everyone’s life. It was supposed to be the secondary car that everyone had to have; a winter beater or just a daily driver that was fuel efficient and easy on the road. One of their slogans was “Everybody needs a Yugo sometimes.” Everybody needs a trip to the dentist sometimes, but that doesn’t mean we enjoy it. And driving the Yugo was hardly enjoyable.

Boxy, uncomfortable, unreliable, and downright dodgy, it’s a wonder the Yugo has lasted so long. Some can still be seen in parts of Eastern Europe today thanks to the abundance of repair parts. Yugo even warns you: The manual is full of useful hints about when the car will break down, what parts will give out first and at what mileage you’ll need to replace certain things.

The Yugo makes the cut for one of Europe’s worst because it’s just downright horrible. Out of the hundreds upon hundreds of criticisms this little ride has evoked, very few compliments can be found, and for that, it rises right to the top of Europe’s very worst.

Why it’s one of the worst: It has heated rear windows so your hands will stay warm while pushing it.

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